Category Presentation

Radical Data


Tomorrow I’m giving a very quick presentation at Cybersalon’s Radical Data, throwing a bit of generative art into the visualisation and data science mix. In fact, mostly I’ll be name-dropping some fellow digital artists.

London Creative Coding


This Wednesday I’m giving a presentation on live-coding OpenGL for the Web using ClojureScript, at London Creative Coding. I’ll almost certainly visit Field and Max/MSP on the way.

Details at the Meetup page here.

Creative Data Club


We’re presenting at Sound and Music‘s Creative Data Club tomorrow (Tuesday 12th), with the premise that data and code are the same thing, at least to the extent that what we do creatively can be described as “using data.”

Digital Echoes 2015


For anyone near Coventry this week: I’m giving a talk at the Centre for Dance Research, notionally about algorithmic thinking and choreographic process (but likely to digress slightly). Details here.

Automation and Animation Video Online


My presentation at Clojure eXchange this month at Skills Matter is now online: you can see it here. (You need to log in, but can do that via Twitter.)

Art and Dance, Clojure eXchange


I’m giving a presentation at the Clojure eXchange conference next week on animation systems, geometric art and performance. An as-yet-undetermined portion of the presentation will be live-coded.

Choreographic Inference, Berlin


I’m just back (well, as of a week ago) from the Berlin episode of the Choreographic Coding Labs, where a couple of dozen artists, coders, performers and musicians (with many people matching multiple roles) hung out and made cool stuff at Uferstudios for a few days, which then got shown/demonstrated at retune 2014. Some really interesting ideas took shape out of the minds of some very smart and creative people, all of whom I hope to see again some day.

Body Coding


Next weekend, I’ve been invited to present at a panel session at the Live Coding and the Body symposium at the University of Sussex. The event kicks off on the 4th with an Algorave. Alternatively, if you find yourself somewhat further north on the 4th, Tara Baker is performing Hacking Choreography 2.0 at Unusual Connections, Yorkshire Dance. (For a taste, see the Live Coding poster above, featuring a still from our recent development residency.)

Field in Frankfurt


We’re presenting Field at the Node Forum in Frankfurt on April 24th. As a very brief warm-up, we’re also doing a 10-minute show-and-tell at the Live Code Research Network event tomorrow.

Field at Dorkbot London


We’re doing a short show-and-tell on Field and its application to live coding for digital artworks at Dorkbot London this Thursday. Details and tickets here.