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Kora, Boudhanath, Kathmandu


We’re just back from a week in Kathmandu, working with Gaynor O’Flynn as part of beinghuman on a pair of performances for the Kathmandu International Art Festival: a collaboration with local artists for a piece at the Patan Museum, and the multimedia installation work Kora at Boudhanath, featuring nuns from Nagi Gompa.

Technology alphabet soup: audio from the nuns was routed into Ableton Live and Max for Live, tracked and converted into a stream of Open Sound Control messages, and routed into Field with custom Clojure code for projection.

(The backup plan was to project with an off-the-shelf laser display, but the only interface of any use at short notice was DMX, which really only provided recall and simple transformations of built-in clip art.)

This is the second time in two weeks that we’ve had the opportunity to project onto world-famous iconic man-made structures.

Plenum Pics, Cambridge

An early set of photos of Plenum on King’s College Chapel.

CLA for Digital Transformations Moot


We’re showing the Choreographic Language Agent at the AHRC’s Digital Transformations Moot on Monday 19th.

The event also features performance by Imogen Heap and contributions from our friends at body>data>space, Soda and MzTEK.

Monome Action at Music Tech Fest

This video from a gig we played back in May at Music Tech Fest has just made its way online. As far as I know, the audio was lifted from the PA which, being d&b audiotechnik, sounded superb.

Instruments: monome running Straker sequencer (Python over Shado), arc running some Clojure over Shado.

Joining the Dots: Plenum, King’s College Chapel


This coming week sees the next outing of Plenum as part of the Cambridge Music Festival, for which we are being given King’s College Chapel, Cambridge to play with. Installation dates: November 15 and 16. There is of course a Facebook event.

Some pre-publicity: