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TooMortal Trailer

This is a short trailer for TooMortal by Gary John Tanner. (Note: the sound mix here is unfinished; for a more polished version see SJDC’s Vimeo channel.) The UK leg of the tour is over; next performance dates are at Dansens Hus, Stockholm in September.

Quartet Project: Personal Space

This is a blast from the past, and something I didn’t know was online: a video of the Personal Space section from the Quartet Project, directed by Margie Medlin, which I worked on in stages between 2004 and 2007. (There’s a archive page giving more information.)

Personal Space was probably the most successful part of the show, but was also the only section in which I wasn’t directly involved (since it featured no virtual world animation, realtime audio processing or gestural control systems). I think it works because of its relative simplicity, and concentration on choreography rather than technology.

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance: TooMortal


We’ve just started work on a multichannel sound score for Shobana Jeyasingh’s new dance work TooMortal, a site-specific piece for historic churches in the UK, Venice and Stockholm.


(Photo: JP Masclet.)

Monome and Wall of Sound Gig at the Science Museum


In the very-short-notice department, we’ve been asked to do some kind of live performance/installation for the upcoming Science Museum Late event on September 28th, using the 77-speaker Lottolab Soundwall as the sound system.

Faced with a complete lack of existing material which can be pressed into service in this kind of environment, and also faced with a very tight deadline, the only solution is to quickly assemble a set of tools which can be used to generate and modify musical material quickly and fluidly. This is a good excuse to dust off some sequencing tools which were aired briefly for the Post Me performance project in Prague, plus the Max for Live sample shard processor which has been pressed into service for a few gigs (and which features in a video here). Visual impact is going to be a factor for this gig, so we’re going for this look:


The Straker sequencer already has some bling on the monome 128, but we need to get something up and spinning on the arc 4 in quick order.

(Geek note: in this photo the monome 128 is running Straker, written in Java, with sequencer tracks implemented in Python, while the arc 4 is running an animation demo written in Clojure. Both use the shado rendering library.)

Oh: the Soundwall is apparently OSC-controllable. We may or may not have time to throw some code at that.