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Live & OnLine 2013


We’re about to head to Frankfurt for a few days to participate in Live & OnLine 2013, an event organised as part of the Forsythe Company‘s Motion Bank project, which is researching and developing work in the area of digital choreographic scores. I’ll have some involvement in the “Community of Practice” sessions and possibly the Coding Lab. Looking forward to catching up with a lot of people in the dance/technology scene… There’s a good write-up on the dance-tech blog.

(Image: Amin Weber.)

Enhancing Choreographic Objects


In the Short Notice Department: we’re presenting at the EChO Seminar tomorrow at Sadler’s Wells, talking about the Choreographic Language Agent, and Becoming. Details here.

Art Lab


We’re about to spend a week in Manchester, doing some teaching/presentation/mentoring duties for Art Lab, on behalf of CODE Creatives. I have a project proposal for the residency period, although that’s pretty much just an agenda of ideas for any downtime.

Quil and Field (EuroClojure 2012)

This video of my presentation at EuroClojure 2012 made its way online a year ago, yet I only recently discovered it. (Coming soon: not one but two video interviews from the first two MaxMSP UK festivals.)

MaxMSP at Music Hackspace


In the Short Notice Department: I’m teaching a Max workshop tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 17th) at London Music Hackspace. Details here.

CLA for Digital Transformations Moot


We’re showing the Choreographic Language Agent at the AHRC’s Digital Transformations Moot on Monday 19th.

The event also features performance by Imogen Heap and contributions from our friends at body>data>space, Soda and MzTEK.

Monomes and Monomatic at Makers’ Guild


We are giving a short presentation at the next Makers’ Guild event: Making Sounds at the V & A on April 13th. Topics to be covered will probably include recent work with Monomatic and a bit of show-and-tell of performance techniques with the monome.

MaxMSP Showing and Telling


We’re workshopping, and gigging, at the M4_u (Max/MSP for Users) Convention, 13th to 14th of January, Phoenix Square, Leicester. The workshop is pretty much going to be a repeat of that given at the Cycling ’74 Expo – building an algorithmic step sequencer and abstract display system using Clojure. The gig will be monome-based, probably with some pulse sequencer action.