Loadbang Reloaded


We’ve been putting some effort in recently to shift our major JVM-hosted MaxMSP projects to GitHub. Most of them started out hosted privately in CVS and built using Eclipse, and then migrated to hosting in Mercurial, with a different directory structure and a fair degree of pain in getting the various Ant scripts to work again. Moving everything to GitHub made sense, but that required another rearrangement of source directories and build paths, so it was obviously time to bite the bullet and use Maven to build everything instead. This decision has lowered the maintenance effort considerably.

Without further ado:

A few things are still missing from this list:

  • SQL a wrapper on top of some zero-footprint SQL databases (plus a MySQL shim): with the advent of Python and Clojure as DSLs for Java, it’s not clear that this package serves any real purpose

  • net.loadbang.straker a not-yet-released modular sequencing framework for the monome

  • net.loadbang.fireflash a not-yet-released multi-app, multi-device heterogeneous monome protocol router

  • web an embedded Jetty-based web server for Max

  • various user-interface goodies like Nixie tubes and rotating text

  • Clojure – the most important at this stage – Clojure for MaxMSP

Clojure will be getting some love very soon (we’re teaching it in about three weeks). The link above is to an early build we put together for the Cycling ’74 Expo last October; it still needs to be Mavenised and updated for Clojure 1.3.

Some videos: this is what straker looks like when it’s running (a sight familiar to recent audiences at the Lottolab gigs):

This is fireflash:

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